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by Waynder on Wed Feb 13, 2013 6:27 pm

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Author Waynder Date Wed Feb 13, 2013 6:27 pm Views 4366
Description How to change them
Category Engine Tech info Type Tech Facts
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Carb jets
Why change your main jet?

Well really you only change your main jet when you need more gas in your motor. That is if your scooter is running to lean. There are 2 components to your carburetor in determining how much gas enters your motor. One is the main jet, and the other is the needle valve. The needle valve helps you to fine tune and adjust the fuel mixture. You can use the needle valve to increase and decrease the amount of gas mixing with the air coming into the carburetor. The main jet is used to change the mixture ratio more drastically than the needle.

Start by removing everything that is connected to the carburetor. This may or may not include: throttle cable, oil line, gas line, over floe tube, choke, air intake.

Once everything has been disconnected, remove the screws connected to the intake and remove the carburetor.

The carb is going to be filled with gas, so be careful! Lay a paper towel down and flip the carb over. Remove the two screws on the bottom and take off the bottom cover.

Use a clean flat head screw driver to remove the jet. Simply screw in the new larger jet in its place and re-assemble the carb. Bolt the carb back on and re-attach all the cables and hoses. When putting the throttle cable back in there is a channel and a key that has to line up. Turn it until it lines up and falls in all the way. DO NOT put it in backwards!!!

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Waynder You have posted in this forum: Wed Feb 13, 2013 6:27 pm    Post subject [ KB ] Carb jets

Article Name: Carb jets
Author: Waynder
De.scription: How to change them

Category: Engine Tech info
Type: Tech Facts

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Article updated by Waynder
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