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Author Waynder Date Sat Feb 20, 2010 2:37 pm Views 15098
Description You will do that often if your much into stoppies
Category Exterial modifications for stunting Type Structure Modifications
Rating 10/10, 1 vote(s) [Rate Article]
Replacing fork oil seals

This is all done on forks from Aprilia SR 50 2005, but basicly procedure is same on all other scooters and older bikes that use oil in their forks.
There are few methods on how to dissasamble forks, but this is the one i like to use...

Before you begin with this, its very importante that you have right replacment oil seals. You can first dismantle forks, and take old seals to the shop and buy new ones accoring to the old ones, or if you wanna do all in one move, go to and find those that you need, so you can show at the shop what ya need...

Ok... Got everything? Lets go...

1. Locate the screw on the bottom of the fork

2. Turn the fork upside down, and remove that screw. Maybe you will have to put some pressure on the fork, so the element inside the fork locks, so you can unscrew it. Sometimes it happens (if screw is tighten to hard or if the forks are old) that you cant unscrew it... It just spins in blank...

3. Spill oil out (if there are any) and just pull out upper part of fork

4. Remove the washer using flat screwdriver

5. Remove the stop ring

6. Remove old oil seal. This may be a bit tricky, cuz it can happen that it stucks. So you'll probably need to destroy it to take it out. You can do this with small flat screwdriver, but be careful not to damage fork it self

7. Now back to the upper part of fork. Remove the stop ring. You'll need special tool to do that, or you can play a bit with two small screwdrivers

8. Pull everything out

9. And there ya go... Everything is dismanteld now... Now more or less you do everything backwards. Put in new oil seals, put back stop ring. Insert upper part of fork, back into lower part and screw it back like in step 2.

10. Now remember the step 7 where we removed upper part? We will use that hole to put new oil in.
When forks are connected back together... Strech them as much as possiblem and trough that upper hole put in new oil (you will need to lookup how much oil it goes in for your scooter/bike, cuz every model has its own amount)

11. But back stop ring that was removed in step 7 and be careful not to spill out oil that you just put in the forks, because if there is not equal amount of oil in both forks, you'll have a preety rough drive... Not to mention braking and stoppies.

12. Wipe everything so it aint so greesy, and put forks back on bike.
Rating 10/10, 1 vote(s)[Rate Article]
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