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Thu Dec 25, 2008 7:34 pm by Waynder | Comments (7)

AGE: 19 yrs
HOMETOWN: Radenec, Slovenia

Rok is into stunting for 2 yrs now, and he is the one of the first ones in Slovenia that are tooking stunt to next level. First he did it just for fun and to kill some time, but as he was more and more into it, it started to become importante part of his life. As he said... "Youth express their creativity in different ways, some dance, some with art. I combine elements from different sports into one and present those on two wheels... Or one Wink"
But Rok is interesting to us cuz he started Slovenian STUNT ON ICE event... But more on that in special article...

How did it al begin?

Since i was a kid i wanted to be in motosport. As i turned 17yrs i turned to stunt, and like every kid these days i watched videos over internet, and then i noticed guy named Christian Pfeiffer, and seeing what he does, convinced me that stunt stuff is the thing for me. After that it all went rather fast... I bought Aerox and started to train...

Where do you get ur inspiration from?
From different sports, dances, other riders... I love to combine

Favourite place to stunt? Your THE SPOT...

I would like to be able to train downtown, but for now thats only a wish. Otherwise, i train in Murska Sobota on various parking lots. I also like to train on places with various obsticals wich i can combine in my stunts, but im still into perfecting that kinda skill.

Ever had problems with police?
No, i cant say i have. They even came few times to cheer and stuff, wich suprised me...

Ever had any serious injuries?
Still no broken bones. Few bruses and scratches...

Got any plans for future?

To improve my position in state championship
To get to European championship im France
To get to World championship in Hungary
To make Stuntriding recognized as sport here in Slovenia
To keep all my bones in one piece =)

Something you wanna say to other stunters?

Keep doing on what ya doing Wink

For more details about Rok visit

FOTO (c) Kristijan Skrlec

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Team Info
Wed Sep 24, 2008 10:49 pm by Waynder | Comments (1)


AGE 19 yrs
HOMETOWN Ghent, Belgium

Stephie is a really rare kind of stunters... She is a chick Wink. And to tell you the truth, thats why i noticed her first. But when i started to search a bit deeper, i found out that she has a really good talent for stuntriding and that there is a big future for this girl in sport. Thats why im making this interview with her...She has the gift, knows how to use it, and shes doing it hella good...

In November 2006 she tried first stunt moves on small pitbike and very fast got the grip for it! After that day she got more will to try same thing on bigger bikes and considering that her boyfriend is Johnny Do, who gave her full support, 2 months later she got a Honda NS1 80cc which is much bigger and heavier then the pitbike.
In July 2007 she finally got big bike - Honda CB500! And now shes practicing whenever she has free time, trying to push limits all the way to the top.

What kind of music are listening to?

I like all kinds of music, mainly underground hip hop and the all stuff you hear on the radio...

Where do you get ur inspiration?

Defiantly comes from Johnnie Do, my boyfriend, but I make every trick my own by adding my girly style to it! :p

How did you get into stunting?

Before I met Johnnie I didn't even know this amazing sport/lifestyle existed! After seeing his show I just knew it was something for me! I started by being his passenger and short after that I started to ride myself...

Favourite place to stunt?

Defiantly "The Nikaļa" in Nice (France). It is this very big parking lot where stuntriding is legal, each year stuntriders of all over Europe come there to ride together.

Favourite stunt?

It's hard to decide which one is my favorite, but I guess it will be spreaders.

Problems with police?

Well, not really... They have a lot of understanding for what we do and that it's hard to find a place to practice, and when they really HAVE to kick us out they even stop and think a moment where else we could ride without having trouble! Laughing

Ever had any serious injuries

I'm happy to say that until now I haven't had any serious injuries! The few times I crashed ended with some road rash, light bruises or a burned leg from the exhaust... Laughing

Who would be your favourite stunter except Johnny Do, of course?

My all time favorite stuntrider is AC Farias!

Did you work on any plans for future?

Well, my main plan is to push stuntriding to another level, to let it be recognized as a real sport... Besides that, I want to learn more tricks, keep on doing shows with Johnnie Do and just live my life to the fullest!

Any toughts you wanna sent to other stunters?

Just keep on doing what you do, ride safe and hope to meet you all one day!

And thats about it... For any more info about Stephy go to her web site

There are also videos there from her trainign sessions...

Well... Stephanie we want you all the best and keep us suprised for upcoming years... Just keep it up on one Wink

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